Solve your Insect Infestation Problems within 24 Hours in your own
Thermo Lignum® WARMAIR Chamber

100% ecological – no Gases, no Poison, only warm Air and Water, 30 Years of Experience

Around the globe, insects destroy irretrievable values in museums and storage rooms. They attack all organic materials and objects such as:

Textiles - Wood - Polychrome Objects - Paintings and Picture Frames
Furniture - Books and Paper - Leather - Taxidermy - Herbaria

Thermo Lignum® offers a 100% effective and very quick method of treatment. An average treatment cycle in the WARMAIR climate chambers takes only about 18 – 24 hours. The objects don’t need to be wrapped. The actual costs - electricity and water - per treatment cycle are negligible (around 100kWh and 100 liters of water).

Thermo Lignum® has 30 years of experience with treating almost all materials and types of objects commonly found in museums. A range of conservation science studies prove the tolerability of the method even in very sensitive material combinations. Numerous museums are running their own Thermo Lignum® systems, and they are able to combat any suspected or real insect infestation without delay.

The Thermo Lignum® team is there to continually support and regularly train museum staff and conservators. Thermo Lignum® is an integral part of modern day conservation and Integrated Pest Management.

Thermo Lignum® has worked for clients such as:

Victoria & Albert Museum - TATE - British Museum - White Cube - Natural History Museum London Salzburg Museum - mumok Vienna - Reiss Engelhorn Museen Mannheim - Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin - documenta Kassel -Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris – Santa Maria dell’Anima Rome


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